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I need some help


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o-kay, I'm really...Not all that great when it comes to relationships. A bunch of girls I know rated me a 1/10...But there's this one girl I really like but she transfered to a different school so I barely ever see her so we usually just e-mail eachother. She doesn't know how I feel about her, but she knows before I started like-liking her I was in the middle of a bunch of messed up girl-trouble, so she sent me this e-mail titled "seventeen signs you like/love someone" and then I replied and tried to make her GUESS who I like. She guessed a lot of people we know, and then finally she said herself, although she was only joking. Then I came up with a plan. I e-mailed her back telling her that she's right and I DO like her, but if she didn't feel the same way I was going to just say I was joking around. Then she e-mailed back saying "haha ur funny" thinking I was joking, so I don't know what to say now!

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