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help me understand!!

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5 Signs of A Strong Friendship – Spotting A True Friend

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okay so...


i met they guy in question just over a year ago through mutual friends and being out in the same bars/clubs. he's just like my others friends so obviously we got on really well, we all share the same sense of humour. anyhow we were just friends and i never thought anything of it. i had just broken up from a long term relationship a month before and wasn't really thinking on anyone like that.


we just emailed each other randomly one day talking about what happened at the weekend as friends do. we were both complaining about being bored so we decided to go to cinema. this seemed all pretty normal to me as i always do things like this with my friends.


this was until about a week later when one of our mutual friends told me he likes me. i didn't know what to do so i just didnt mention it, he didn't either so it was fine. he did change slighty in his attitude towards me, he would flirt a lot. i just didn't do anything back but stayed friendly wit him. i never met up with him again outside our mutual friends. this all worked out fine and eventually he started seeing another girl. everyone was happy.


now this is where my problem starts!


last weekend we were both out in the same place as usual, both a bit drunk and we ended up kissing (he has been single for a few months again). i dont remember how it happened, it just did. anyway i ended up going back to his house to hang out. nothing happened in that way we just kissed and had a fews drinks.


anyway when i woke up the next morning beside him it felt nice which shocked me. we spent the whole day together watching films etc we just had so much fun. i had to leave around 4pm cos i was meeting my sister, he kept telling me stay and i really wanted to. it was weird. he was so complimentary all morning. i would just catch him looking at me, it was so sweet. he would just grab me and hug me. kept kissing my nose. all that would make me think someone likes me.


then when i was leaving he asked me did i want to go for a drink on monday, i couldn't so he said i'll definitely have to see you this week sometime.this was all great. i left there feeling amazing and i was starting to really like him. it was weird.


BUT....i text him later on that evening and got no reply. i though maybe he had no money in his phone so i checked to see if he emailed. i didn't hear anything from him at all. so i emailed him four days later just to check he got my text.he replied to that but he did seem a bit dry; a complete change from what he was like the other night. i tried to make conversation but he wasn't really saying much. i'm so confused. i dont understand what changed? then tonight my best friend saw him in the street, he said he was on his way to meet a date at the cinema, she asked was it me and he said no. so he's on a date with some other girl and all of a sudden is being weird with me even though he was so keen before.


was he just pretending to like me when we were together?

did he think i wasn't interested in him?

did someone tell him somethng to put him off?

did i annoy him in some way?


i'm just so confused and so annoyed!! why wasn't i ready to move on when he was interested ages ago, i think we would be really good together. i just want to see him again and not with his arms round another girl!


your views please!! i just need to understand what is going on!](*,)



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sounds like the dude is just keeping his options open. when i hang out with someone i like, ill give them the attention but that may not mean there isnt another little lady that i also like. Its called dating. some people limit to one, others limit to afew and see which ones the better match. Others are just playing the field.

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