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I have no clue on were i stand with this shy girl


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their is this girl in my math class that I sits behind me, from the start of the semester I use to look at her a lot to the point she notice me staring at her. ever since she noticed, when ever i try and make eye contact with her she looks down. recently during break in class I turned around and looked at her she than looked down and her face turned red. so i caught the idea that she might think im a stalker or something. then I walked out the door and upon closing the door i notice she was looking at me than when I notice she looked down again. the next day of class that i had with her was odd, when the sign in roll sheet was passed, she tapped me with it rapidly like she was anxious to give me the paper. then I turned around and looked at her and notice she didn't look down this time so I smiled then she giggled and became apologetic. then i said thanks and grab the paper. from their the vibe went different she was normally dead quiet and now i can hear her verbally answering the math problems on the board to herself. then the next class day she sat at a different seat. she sat further behind me and after the class break when i was walking to my desk when i walked near her I notice she was looking at me then i turned my head and she look down. I'm not sure if this girl is interested or not but it is hard for me to approach her because for one. my college teacher is a * * * * and will put people on blast for even looking lost. second when i see her on break she is always on the phone. she comes to class late and leaves early after signing in on the roll sheet. what should I do when i am up on a situation like that?

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