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awesome article on relationships


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Gotta bump this one... GREAT perspectives... I wish I read this earlier on in my relationship, so I could have been equipped... Wish I could send it to the ex so he'd get some perspective.


We weren't bad for each other, really... just got... stuck.


Sigh. Breaking NC to send a relationship article is a bad idea, yes?

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If he's the leaver, I suggest reading more of Al's site before you do anything. Your idea reminds me of his phrase, 'you'll never get love by chasing a lizard'.


At the same time, I've seen doing nothing doesn't seem to work all that well either. I'm guessing your partner doesn't have a lot of interest in your perspective at the moment.


So I would avoid anything that might come off as pushing, and begin learning about mirroring and validation for when you do talk to him again.

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