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Quick Question...

I have a pretty good friend that was there for me when I was going through some tough times. I moved like 4 hours away and now He's going to be moving out of state in about 6 months. He doesn't know many people where he lives and his wife will be about 6 months pregnant when he's ready to move.


I don't mind helping out, as a matter of fact the help has been reciprocal.

I have helped him out as well.


However I can't help thinking of the fact that


1. It's almost 4 hours away

2. Gas

3. He lives on the eighth floor, we'll be the only ones movin' everything.

4. When he mentioned it to me he almost said that I have to help him but then he changed the you have to----and said something else after it and sounded a bit upset.

I didn't like the way he almost made it seem like I was obligated to help.


5. I also made a fool of myself on various occasions while interacting with them because of some of the things I was going through, and I kind of think his wife is really just tolerant of me and doesn't really like me. So it's kind of an akward/embarrassing atmosphere.


I think that we should help each other out especially if people have been good to us but those 5 things above make me want to bail out...

Any advice???


I don't want to be a selfish ass or anything....

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Friendships are relationships just like any other except we choose our friends. It is a measure of what kind of man you are by what you do and WHY. Friendship is not about keeping score, it is about caring for someone and being there for each other thru good and bad times. Four hours is nothing in terms of the length of your friendship is it. There is now to quantify these things so don't try. People often say things like I would do anything for her/him but when it comes time they back away and find excuses. Treat your friend and friendships like you would like to be treated and the answers will come.



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English Conversation About A Friend
English Conversation About A Friend


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