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My problem can't be my relationship. We have had an amazing last few days, and all it took was him pitching in. He did laundry on the weekend, a load of dishes, and made dinner (real food too, not instant) last night. When he pitches in, I feel so much better towards him, not bitter... and there's a marked difference in my attitude towards him. It feels like a partnership, which is how it should be. I realized just now that even when we were just beginning to date and fall in love, I still got hit by bouts of depression sometimes, pretty much the same as what I am feeling now. The difference is that he would deny that anything was wrong, and I would just try to forget about it. He has helped me find free counselling on campus, so I am on the road to recovery and hopefully these episodes will stop or be few and far between, eventually.


I really want to thank everyone who has responded to my threads about wondering if I should leave or not, and for encouraging me to stay and work it out, because you're right- he's done nothing wrong, and these little things are not worth breaking up an otherwise wonderful relationship for. I almost made a terrible mistake. Ah! Just needed to get that out.

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