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Best way to proceed.


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Ok, so I met this girl a few weeks ago at a religious event. We spoke briefly, she found me on myspace and we began talking there. I gave her my phone # and said to call if she ever wanted to. A few days later she called me. We spoke for a while and then she asked me if I'd like to go to this museum event with her.


We went, and everything seemed to go pretty good. We hung out for 5-6 hours and I dropped her off at her place Sat night. The problem is, is that we will both me more or less unavailable to see each other for the better part of 2 months now. There will probably be 3-4 days where we could potentially see each other.


Is it my job to communicate with her next (haven't spoken since sat night)? I was thinking of calling her tomorrow night.


Also, my job gives me dinner awards (where I can basically take anyone out for dinner at $$$ restaurants..on the company) and I was thinking of using one of these (without telling her) on her this Saturday because it will be maybe the last time I get to see her for a few weeks.


Is it too soon to take her out to a really nice place? I'd like her to know I am interested, but not go overboard.



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Yes, it is your job to contact her and ask her out.


She has done all of the chasing...which is not very common.


Go a head and take her to athe nice place.


Try to give her enough advance warning...don't wait to the last minute. Calling her tomorrow would be fine.

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