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Two questions


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Question one

Would it make a difference if a girl you were somewhat attracted to changed a work arrangement with you to go for coffee with a male coworker who has an eye for the ladies but is married and would never act on it? Would it make her less attractive?


Question Two

I sometimes socialise with a group of people. there is one guy there about 5 yrs my junior who is a close friend of married female colleague of mine.

We get on very well and have often sat together in the cinema, theatre etc. I have no interest in him romantically. The last time however we socialised it just happened that our two cars were parked in the same direction.

Rather than walk together ntil we reached one or otherof them, he shot off like a bat out of hell to avoid walking with me.

The impression I got was he was terrified I'd pounce on him. I was a bit offended because i'm not a vamp and even if I was I never gave the slightest indication that I was interested in him.What provoked this suddendart for freedom?

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Well, it's kind of hard to tell from your post. Does the girl know you are attracted to her? Did she have some reason she needed to talk with that guy over coffee? If I were interested in someone & it seemed like they blew me off for no reason, I would find someone else to express interest in.


As for the guy... there's really no way to tell from your post. But if you're not attracted to him & you guys aren't really friends anyway, don't let it bother you.

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His behaviour doesn't really bother me, it just makes mecurious. I'm always interested in learning about people's behaviour and on this occasion I have the luxury of not desperately hoping that people will give me the answer I want because I'm curious but detached. It's such a nice feeling.

So why would a guy you get on with and have lots offriendly one on one chats in company run like the clappers at the thought of having to walk you to your car? Fear seems to be a factor but of what?


My other situation is a little more vested. A guy work closely with is giving me alot of signals that suggest attraction. The trouble is i'm not sure if this is just his way. I don't mean he is a player, I don't think he is, its just that he tells everyone he is single and wants a woman, not just me. However most of the people he tells are married, some are much older and some are male. So its noy a hint to me. However he does treat me as if he likes me but unless I submit a questionnaire to everyone at work I won't be able to ascertain if this is the norm.

Today I emailed him about a meeting but the time he suggested is the time I have coffee with a married man at work who likes to take a pretty girl to coffee everyday. He is married and pleasant and he askes me to accompany him on Thursdays. There is nothing sinister about this, he is just a man who likes female company. he is utterly faithful to his wife. So I told the otherguy that's where I would be. i just wondered how a male would react. would I seem more or less attractive. Both men are quite fascinated by my hair which is shoulder length and naturally blonde.It's nice but not exactly fascinating to me.

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