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Dating help :)

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Heya, Im 18, first year university. Recently about 2 months ago me and my girlfriend of a year and a half broke up (She was like my only realtionship long than like a month) all of them have been between 1 week-1 month.


Anyways, I recently started talking to this girl i work with, who is 2 years younger than me. (been freaking me out but slowly getting over it)

but ya i started flirting with this girl and she has been back like blatently, and stuff calling my cutie and etc (hah i know sounding like im in grade 3 here but hey, i dont have much experiance in the dateing scene so i mean gotta give it a shot )

but ya so im getting the vibe she likes me, or is atleast attracted to me.


I asked her if she wants to go for coffee and she really did, so we've got that set up for this thursday, and i mean i dont really consider it a date, but she asked me if i wanted to go to a movie with her sometime, i was waiting to ask her to a place unique cause i hate the trendy go to a movie etc, i wanna be like somthing different but then she broke that out, so should i take that as a date or just chillling?


I don't really know how to go about this. I really don't want to mess it up. hah

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I think its pretty safe to assume that she is interested in you, at least somewhat. I am just like you in that I haven't been able to hold a relationship for much longer than a month. I think most of the time it is because I rushed things. So if you really like this girl, take it slow. Keep going out on dates. Just don't jump right into the relationship. At least for me that has never worked. I kind of think I might like this girl (ya kinda and might haha). We went on a "date" (at least thats what I would have considered it) last weekend. I'm not head over heels for her or anything like that but I'm going to continue dating her and see if anything progresses from there. Just be smart and don't force anything too fast.

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She's interested for sure.


You can usually trust your gut feeling about these things. Your body knows way more about this stuff then you might imagine. Think about it though. All your ancestors had sex. Thats why you're here. So they all had the genetic programming to get them there, so do you.


Its your insecurity thats messing with you.

I know what its like. Not so long ago. Probably when I was your age it was the exact same thing for me. Girls would go out of their way to make it obvious that they liked me, but I didn't think it was possible so I would go out of my way to interpret all of it as her being silly or ironic..etc.


She's attracted to you. For sure. Girls are just as flirty as we are, probably even more, they're just more subtle about it.



The movie isn't such a great date - and by the way, yes you guys are dating.

Instead do something fun with her, something interactive. Go bowling, or go to the grocery store, get some food and cook together and then watch a movie at home.


Don't worry about messing it up. Look at this as a learning experience. You're still experimenting. You're still learning. This isn't the last girl that you will ask out for coffee, right? However it goes you will have learned something and the next time will be smoother.


Go out there, have fun.


Oh and I like the notion of being different. Hold on to that.

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ya im seeing it more and more, everyday when talking to her. Somtimes i question it but i mean can only be so obvious.


And ya i hear you on the cool dates, but like shes still in highschool and i think shes still go the whole like mindset of go to movie.

I suggested going bowling, but she was like hah lets go to a moviee.


I would have thought mini-golf or somthing like that.

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the movie date is one of the worst. your sitting next to each other for more then an hour not touching not really interacting, staring at beautiful actors and after the movie you'll be talking about the movie instead of each other.

oh well.

its not the end of the world, if you have fun with her afterwords, go shopping for sunglasses or something goofy like that, its not that bad.


mini golf is actually pretty good, if it doesn't work this time keep it in mind for the future. good idea.

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there's lots of stuff to do as long as its lighthearted and fun.

one thing I like to do, is to take girls shopping for groceries. Sounds simple, works great though. I make it a treasure hunt, mess around and if I like the girl I take her back to my place to cook the treasure.

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