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To have someone pass away is hard to deal with. It confronts us to the fact that Death is inevitable.


To have a family member pass away is a heavy saddness. But life still seems to go on.


To have a Mother pass away is something you can't seem to grasp. And things will never be the same.


Now to find out you have the same disease that killed your mother... The days go by slow. You don't know when your day is going to come.

You try to read about it, But all you're reading is your death sentance. And it's written in pages.


The only thing you can do is to live healthy.

The reason in the first place that you have this disease is because of your life style. You stummbled around the country thinking you were invincable.

Nothing could harm you. you're still alive. Your heart is still beating. But it's not the same blood. now you look at your cuts differently. you know your contagious. You wonder if anyone has caught it from you.


But life still continues with or without you.


Healthy or not.


My name is Jessica Conner. And I have hepatitis C.

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I don't think it's automatically a death sentence anymore. Are you reading up on treatments available too?


I think a lot of it has do do with how early it is diagnosed and treated before liver damage happens.


A friend of mine, and co-worker was diagnosed around 8 years ago with it. He had injections of "Pegylated Interferon Alfa" over a period of about 6 to 10 weeks or so. And "Ribavirin" too, but that may have been oral. The first thing to do is reduce the viral load in the bloodstream before liver damage sets in.... which is what those drugs are designed to do.


My friend is doing fine now and seems back to his old cantankerous self.

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Hello Jessica,

First of all, I'm so sorry about the loss of your mother...moms are angels here on earth, and that must be tough for you to have lost her so young. My heart goes out to you. And you are right, losing someone so close to you, makes you realize how inevitable death is...it shows us just how much we need to fill these moments with meaning.


Secondly, I also wonder, are you actively seeking all the treatments you can for Hep C? I hope so!


Sending lots of love to you girl...

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