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Releationship with parents becoming worse.


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I think the relationship I share with my parents has reached an all time low. We're not a close family at all and they aren't approachable at all with problems and that's what's causing this latest problem.


I'm in thrid year of a course I despise in college (computer programming). I've made attempts to leave or transfer it but they have come to nothing so I'm stuck at it. Now I've tryed to tell my parents that I hate it and that I find it incredibly hard but they seem to think I'm just whining.


The college I go to sends thrid year students out for 6 to 8 months for work experiance. Now this has me understandably worried because my average grades are just bearly enough to pass so if I'm bearly able to get by in college then how am I to get by in the working world where the real work gets done?


I've applied for a few jobs that I think I might be able to do (mostly simple computer releated jobs and not the hard core stuff) but I haven't gotten any interviews. I haven't applied for more because I feel it would be wrong to waste an employers time appliing for a job I won't be able to do.


Anyway, my parents think I'm being defeatist about this and we had an argument at dinner over it. I told them that I can't apply for a job I can't do because I wont' be able to do it. To me this seems like pure and simple logic but they won't listen and I lsot my temper a little which set them off and all the rest.


I tryed to apologise and I did but I just had to add that they won't just listen to me. They do this to my brother too, they listen to part of the story and then fill in the gaps themselves, painting the worst possible image they can and twisting things.


I am actually terrified to speak to them about anything personal as once, when I was 15, I told them I was depressed and my dad shouted at me and sent to to bed. SInce then I've seen councillors and soon I will see a phocologist. These people helped but the fundamental problem is that I can't talk to my parents and I really want to.


The problem is me aswell, I get fustrated very easily and start to talk forcefully which sets them off and just ends any hope of talking to them. I don't knwo what to do but the best option seems to just get on with thing myself as best I can.

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Yeah, my folks were a pain in the ass too.


My answer was joining the Military. It got me out of the house, a little respect, and enough money to further my education on my OWN terms.


Food for thought.


Also, as I got older, it generally got a little easier to deal with them. Hope it goes well for you, too.


If nothing else, keep this in mind: You will have the last laugh, you will pick their Nursing Home. LOL!

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