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Still A Beautiful World


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I write this with many emotions going through my mind. I hope you all like it:






I wake up in the morning, such a nice day it looks to be,

Looking out my window, I see a couple walking by, happy and free.

I set out on my walk with a smile on my face,

As I think to myself, there is still a beautiful world for me to embrace.


Strolling into the bustle of the town, I see thousands of pleasant folk passing by,

Exchanging friendly glances and gentle words true, at times a mere hello and goodbye,

With a generous smile I return their caring gestures, my journey continuing along,

In realisation that this is still a beautiful world, with kindness and love ever strong.


Into the forest I go, met with many a pleasant sight and sound,

From the chorus of the humming birds to the magnificence of tall oak trees abound,

The soul stirring home of nature striking a chord from deep inside,

For how wonderful it is to see the beauty of our world stretching so far and wide.


Into crystal clear waters I swim, exploring the wonders of the sea,

Absent of worry and danger, how serene this feeling is to me,

Many ships have sailed these waves, but time and tide cannot harm,

The beautiful oceanic world which my hand is caressing in its palm.


Into the skies I fly, entrenched in a cloud filled land,

Surrounded by wonders of a different kind, yet still I understand,

As I view the broad plains of the globe from up high,

That the lasting beauty of the world below will forever be nigh.


And so I retreat to the sanctuary of my bed tonight,

Alive with elation and joy after a journey of infinite delight,

For beyond the distant cries of anguish and existing perils of war,

There is still a beautiful world, one which I shall forever adore.

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