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Can you offer advice on this issue

I Have Feelings For Someone Else Wh...
I Have Feelings For Someone Else While In a Relationship

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Well i met this girl, well she was drunk and jumped me one night, and started kissing my neck, i carried her down the hall to her friends and left her tere, but she didnt wanna let go. she was drunk during this


then she came to a party at my house, she was was once again drunk, but when i came into my place, i caught her attention, and she was all over me that night, went back to her room, and then she just wanted to stay there, but i had to go back to the party in my room, so i said come with me, after that she said no, and i said ok ill find some other cute girl to hang out with. 3 minutes later she came back down. and later we went back to her room and made out and what not. but later on she passed out.


Then i found her on a networking site, and friended her, a few days later she suggested we party, and i got her number, so i called her that night and we drank later on and went back to her place, and made out again, i tried ot make a move on her but she said no, so i said alright.


This continued t happen for awhile, shed tell me to come over lter at night on the weekends when she was drunk, and i always seem to go because i havent met that many other girls here yet.


So this continued for a awhile, shed get drunk, id go over wed make out but never have sex, she ends up being a virgin, im a pretty experienced male.


We never talk during the week, and when we see each other, its a hey, or whats up, but she has a huge smile.


i even pissed myself in her bed one night, and she didnt get mad.


she barely comes to my room, and if she does her friend drags her here.


What do you guys think of this situation, stay, or get out

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I think you two should try and see what it's like to be in each other's company without being so trashed that one of you is passing out or the other is pissing the bed.


She's getting what she wants from you which is attention and safe make out sessions. I'm not so sure she's planning on letting you take her virginity so you might be getting into something different than you expect.


I say take it easy on the alcohol and maybe have a conversation with the girl.

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