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Success finding a job in this economy


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Hey everyone,


So I quit my previous job to do something else about two months ago and have been searching for work ever since. Bad timing, I know. Like a lot of people the search hasn't been going well and only looking to get worse as the economy keeps sliding. However, rather than make a negative thread I thought I'd ask if there are people who have had success getting a job recently and if they'd share their experiences with us. Might give some of us jobless ones some inspiration

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I started a new job last week. I found it on a website that posts job openings in my local area. It was a pay cut, so that's not too encouraging...but I'm a lot happier than I was at my old job.


Check your newspapers, any local job websites as well as the national ones. Find companies or agencies you like and sent them a cover letter and resume, even if they aren't posting any openings. Call these places a week after you send them your information.


Just a question..why did you quit your job before having another one lined up?

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