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Wheeling & Dealing With Love

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It started as an online relationship that turned into a true relationship by meeting one another in person and spending time with each other. I've been chatting with this girl, who is now my girlfriend, for the past 5 months. We clicked pretty much right away, and soon after we started chatting we started dating. At first neither one of us was really ready for a true commitment until I went to visit her in person and thats when we knew for sure that we were for each other. She lives 8 hours away from me. I live in Connecticut and she lives in Pennsylvania. I went and saw her on January 16th for the first time and we spent three days together. I loved every minute I spent with her. I'm 20 years old and she is 18 years old and we our both disabled in wheelchairs which is what makes our relationship so hard because neither one of us can really just up and go see one another because neither one of us drives. The one plus is that she wants to move to Connecticut to live with me but it might take up to a year or longer because I have to wait to get the apartment because it's a handicapped accessable place and I'm on a waiting list......I love her so much and just want to be with her now......I chat with her as much as I can and we see each other on our web cams and also talk on the phone which is what keeps our love going so strong......I just wanted to share our story with everyone else that posts on this site......I hope everyone finds use to our story and feedback is welcomed!

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