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Feel differently today, I don't think I want to be tied down.... or is it just the wrong person?

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Hi there,


Yet another post....


I'm having a change of heart today, why do my opinions/feelings change from day to day so often!? I just dont understand myself. I swear I am just so not sure of myself about anything and I need to be to get on with life.


My mum says I should listen to my inner voice and trust it, but I never do???


Does anyone else doubt themselves this much and question how they feel all the time. It must do everyone's head in around me, Jesus.


Having a change of heart about my best friend and how I feel about him. I've got feelings for him, but I am getting so confused with what they are. Then last night we chatted for a long time on-line which was great, but I started to feel a connection there and I just suddenly felt, "I dont want it!"


I am not saying anything to him about it or leading him on, just keeping it friendly, as that would be very unfair. I have to be a bit careful what I say.


Am I just considering getting with him out of maybe a small amount of pity and my own loneliness and fear of not finding someone else?


Suppose I should listen to that inner voice.......


Help... Yelp, lol

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The thing is, I love this guy to pieces, we are so well suited, he gets me and I can open up to him, but the sexual attraction is not powerful within me.


I've never had this before, where the personality etc. outweighs the looks (how very sad).


Time will tell I suppose...

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