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This girl makes me so nervous I don't know what to do...


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Okay...here's the story...a year ago i did this play just for fun with a friend of mine, and i met a girl that i am very attracted too. She used to always try to talk to me but i just got really nervous and didnt know what to say...then...the play was over and i never saw her again, well then this year when the play came around again i decided to do it again so i can try to start something with this girl. well she has talked to me, and seemed to flirt with me several times throughout this stuff, but i still get nervous trying to talk to her. now tomrrow is my last play, my last chance, and i am afraid ill chicken out again. i cant do these plays again, but even though it sounds really dumb that i cant just ask for her number, i get so nervous talking to her, my tongue gets all tied up into knots and then the stupidest thigns come out of my mouth. i'm not even confident that she would give me her number, but i think she mite. i dont know what it is. i might just sound naive or somthing but i think about this girl all of the time and i cant seem to get her off of my mind. i dont really know much about her and same with her to me, so there should be no pressure to talk to her but i still feel so nervous. please someone out there i need advice on how to talk to this girl for tomorrow

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You sound so cute... I bet that this girl would love to hang out with you... Anyways, go up to her start some small talk 'hi how are you' then compliment her, let her know that your interested by saying something like, 'You look pretty today.' Something along those lines... Then hey did you see the trailor for that new movie 'The Score'? Would you like to go see that? How about with me? (or anther movie) Then thats your answer, if yes follow up with, okay let me get your number and we'll work out a time... Just relax and take some deep breaths, you'll do fine... Just keep this in mind, if you don't ask the answer is always NO...

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go for it. Try to find some confidence.


First of all, why would it have a bad outcome? Why shouldn't you be confident?


Say this doesn't work, say she doesn't give you her number. So be it right? You've tried it. If you don't talk to her, you'll always wonder 'what if'. And remember: should'a would'a are the last words of a fool!"


Plus. If I understand it correctly, you will not see her again after this? So you really have nothing to loose.


One extra advice though, make her know you want to date her. Don't go for the 'can I have your number so we can be friends', because that only works....to be friends


I wish you the best of luck and let us know what happened!

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dude i know exactly how u feel i have been in the same situation.

there was this one girl who i thought about day and night. i still love her too.

but she lost interest in me. for the last 2 months i have tortured myself thinking about what it is that i have done to make her ignore me and want nothing to do with me.


and then only yesterday a friend of hers said to me "well if u want the inside goss then its because ur nervious"


"CONFIDENCE IS KING", every girl i have talked to since then has said that. i myself need to build up confidence so that i can try to patch things up with my lady friend.


back urself and have no shame. i too went thru the 'what if' kinda state of mind ... its not great. live in the moment act on impulse dont try to think things ahead. let her know how u feel in a way that ur comfortable. im sure she feels the same way.


walk with ur head up u sound like a nice guy. proove greenday wrong in that they say nice guys finish last for i will also try to prove them wrong.


good luck, u deserve to be happy

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Go for it mate, its a win/win situation. Just open your mouth and it'll all come out, trust me.


However, asking for someones number isn't really that good in my mind... I ask lots of girls their numbers, but just out of curiosity, not because im asking them out etc, and i guess they realise this, so if you ask her for her number, she may not understand and think your just being friendly... You could either say "hey wanna go on a date sometime?" in person or over the phone, but in person I guess would look better and is easier.

I highly doubt she will refuse to give you her number, because well if shes like me, I wouldn't associate asking someone out and getting someones number as the same thing...

Good luck.

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