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Stuck In A Bad Situation

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Ever since Kindergarten my classmates and I have been very close. Now that I am 22 years old I can only think about it through memory. I graduated with 7 other students. Each of them will be in my heart no matter what I do. It's been 4 years. Everyone went their separate ways. Does this mean I miss high school? That I can't live my own life as an adult? Should I be worried?


I just feel like crying right now. Feel like I have nobody as a friend. Just feel very lonely. Wish I could go back and be with my friends. I feel like my boyfriend will stop me from that. Every time I am away from him he makes me feel like I should stay here and be with him instead. It scares me. Every where I go I feel like he is right around the corner. The thing is, I love him. But, what is love? Am I confused? He was jealous when I was talking with my girl friend. So, he got up and un hook the line. I asked him why he did. He told me to quit making him look bad. Whatever. That confused me. Oh well. I do miss my friends. Some day I want to move closer to them. I live away from everyone including friends and family. I'm more closer to my boyfriend's family. One of these days i'll quit taking his wants and go for mine. Will that make me a bad person?

Well, one day I told him i'm moving out. He said "try"...it just made me feel stupid. Things like that he makes me feel bad. Why does he do that? Is he getting tired of me?

Example, I laughed playfully while he was going down on me. He got upset and went to the gym. Is he sexually frustrated? Do guys like to be interrupted during sex? I was just being playful! If I tell him that he'll be like yeah right! What should I do??????

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This guy your with he is mad at himself and holds on to you because it makes him feel powerfull, he may not be able to control things in his life but he feels he can control you so he feels better, I'm a guy and believe me I know his type quite well his insecured and fragile is nothing to have pitty but if he feels he's losing his control on you he might turn to other forms of control which might be abusive what ever you do please be carefull

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