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best way to ask her to take it to the next level


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I don't know... let me think in the few times a guy has asked me it usually starts with him or I referring to us as "good friends- who sleep together hahahaha..." and then that leads to "what about if we could be boyfriend/ girlfriend and still sleep together?" hehe *smiles*... Yes, of course -smooch-


Or "So.. when you meet my parents next week... I was hoping I might introduce you as my girlfriend what do you think of that?" This could play into the conversation of you making plans to take her out with a group of friends, or co-workers or whatever...


Or when you're talking about how long you've been seeing eachother (if someone asks you one day...) "well, I guess it's only official once we make it so... so how about it?" This is more appropriate if you don't feel like saying "girlfriend".


Or if you're really corny when you guys are having a romantic moment or sharing feelings you can just blurt out... "I want you to be all mine" or some corny crap like that.


I my current bf said something like well "when I was single...." and then I said well "yeah when I was single.... me too (as I agreeed to something) but I don't really consider myself single anymore...." and I smiled he said "me either... so I take that as a Yes?" "yes".


Hope one of these works for ya!

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