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This girl in one of my classes.


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Ok, In my Health class there is this girl who is always near me and always trying start a convo and laughs at all my jokes(even the dumb ones) she insists that i am the funniest person at the school. I'm like cool someone thinks i am funny. So it sounds like an awesome posistion right? Wrong this girl has been stallking me like an eagle. I'm like trying to avoide her and crap i dont really want a relationship from someone i dont like personality wise and physically(she is a ball of fat about 5'2" high). Also when i was trying ot get to know this other girl she just budded in and kicked the other girl out so i was ready call her a "B" then i caught my self and said i need to take a break. Went to the restroom and washed up some and came back to class. She was still besdie my stuff and going thru my back pack! I was like hell no i am not going to deal with this crap and just walked out of my class and said i had food posioning. Im just gonna avoide this crazy "B" until she gets the message.

Can any of you all help me out on this one?

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At your age I had a problem very similar to yours. The differences: she was 6 feet tall, she used this TERRIBLE cologne and even if I was shut, she was laughing. Holy... I never found out if she really wanted something with me or if it was just her way of being. By never telling her how much her manners bugged me, I know I was being a bit of a hypocrite (I hate that word). But it's hard to call someone like her into reallity when we don't even have a chance.


My outcome: naturally I started seeing her less and I gained some courage to say NO! sometimes.


My suggestions: as soon as you get a chance (or even if it is possible), move away, change place (I bet you thought about this one before....). Start avoiding her. This is a stupid behavior because what you should do is to tell her that you don't like her at all. But sometimes we don't have a chance. Try to stay focused on the class, pretend to (or actually) read a book, generally, make sure she (or the regular person) understands that she does not pick up your attention. Direct avoidance (no, not in the "OH NO! HERE COMES THE BOOGEY LADY!" way) usually works, if you have a chance to say no, say it. Hopefully she'll get the message.


Man I know how that rock felt like on my shoe... and I hate to be a hypocrite.

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She has one BIG crush on you... Actually, just tell her, that the way she is acting is unacceptable... First off, it was disrespectful that she was going threw your stuff, and its rude that she interrupts your conversations... Just straight up tell her that your not interested in her... If you advoid it shes still, gonna keep staring at you like a hawk...

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just be straight up with her, tell her your not interested, chicks with a huge crush dont get the hint, and if you leave it and date someone else she'll only play the ''you stringed me on'' say you didnt appreciate her going through your stuff, its nice she shows an interest but just stay as mates or somthing not dead end then she wont be too hurt.


jobs a good en


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Do you know how hard that is to do? If you all met me in real life you would call me a laid back nice guy but very opinionated. My parents raised me to treat women with respect and to be courteous. There is no chance of me totaly cussing out a girl. Sigh, ill try to do what you all are telling me. She is being totaly disrespectful. Also when i did try ot put my foot down she just thought i was joking! Im just gonna pretend to date one mf my firends so that she will lay off.


P.S. She has this firend of hers, she goes everywhere with her. She is part of the problem too. Its like she is a hired muscle if i were to get out of line. And i am not joking!

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