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It's raining. 37 times.


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So I joined this site today, and I had no idea where to make my first post. So I thought I'd start a journal and see what happens.


So basically. I guess I'll rant here. Most of my posts are thinly veiled, desperate bids for validation of my existence from strangers on the internet. Slightly pathetic. But that's ok, because I compensate by making useful posts on occasion, and if I feel like I can help someone, I'll make an attempt.


Anyway, yes. So that this is like a journal: today I accepted a job interview, and went for a drive to find the place that I'll be working if I get the job. Since the prospect of leaving my house at all is terrifying, I am ridiculously anxious. I reckon I should work from home and become a hermit.

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So, I had that job interview today, and I'm pretty sure it went badly. I wanted to work there before I had the interview, but now I'm not really sure - it doesn't look like it gets a lot of customers. None showed up while I was there. And I need customers to show up during the day so that it doesn't drag on forever and prolong the agony of being within the sight of people

Which means I'm stuck with my current job, which I have to attend tomorrow. It's a job that requires a lot of technical knowledge, that they haven't really trained me in. I'm supposed to pick it up as I go, which I seriously hate. They did give me brochures to read, but I've never been good at learning from brochures. I need colour-coded lists with clearly set out information, that I can read and memorise.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to go over some things tomorrow and learn a bit more, so that things are a little less terrifying.


Anyway, whoever is reading this - how are you? What exciting things have happened recently? I'm quite happy to discuss things unrelated to myself, even though this is a journal thread thing

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