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what am i supposed to do???


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is this normal???


Offlate she wants me to build up ma body, have biceps triceps, a nice physique, she looks up to all these hollywood stars and some bollywood stars who look great, dance cool.


She wants me to learn to dance, get a nice body...


I have a athletes body, walk & run mostly daily...somedays alternate, friends come up and ask me how i remain so fit at the age of 30 as i look very young for that age....


I feel good always but she wants more...when i ask her why she wants me like that, she replies back sayin, i want you to look good always....


i dunno what to say to that, i told her i like her the way she is for which she replies back ya i know you don't find anything wrong in ma appearance but that need not be the case with me also.




its been many times she mentioned this...either be on a movie or just hanging out, the way she stares at other guys and then at me, i feel really odd and think she just doesn't like my appearance.

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That's a really annoying thing, but also on the other hand it's about the decision you want to make. You feel insecure that she wants you any other way than you are now, but with humans, that's not realistic because we're all flawed. I'm not saying her want is right especially if you're quite fit, but this is just another aspect of the human being.

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