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Really need Help......maybe life and death situation

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Hey its Zid...... My ex is really abusing......


She has just taken an ENORMUS amount of diet pills..... i have asked her again and again why she does it, and i tell her shes the most beautiful person i have ever seen...... and its the truth........ she doesnt have any self-respect. Next time i go to my counselor (me and her go to the same counseling place) and i am going to talk to my counselor about helping her and stopping her.. Me, and two of her other friends are giving it all we got and it is not helping her much so im going to you experts out there......so please, hhellppp!!!





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If shes addicted to the pills( I dont know if you can be physically but mentally you can be) you cant force someone whos addicted to come off something you have to wait until they are ready to quit themselves. I dont know the exact situation and I'm not a Doctor but I do know a bit about psychology. Try going to link removed that site carries a lot of information on different subjects that may help you. I hope she is able to kick the problem and get the help she needs Good luck.

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Also check the specific ones she's using - you can probably get a list of the active ingredients off the web and see just what you're dealing with as far as what they put in the pills she's taking. The more information you have on what you're dealing with, the better. It might also help her just knowing you went as far as to really research what she's taking and the possible problems it could cause since it'll show her your level of concern. It probably won't be easy to get her to admit it's a problem - even if you can get her to talk to a counselor or someone to "humor you" it would be a step in the right direction, like any addiction, or addictive behavior, it's not easy to break free from.


You might want to check out some sites on anorexia and bulimia since it sounds like this is where it's headed - abuse of diet pills is often a symptom, don't assume there's nothing more behind it. Not trying to scare you here - but even if she says it's occasional, and doesn't try to starve herself or purge - I'd lay at least even odds something else is going on as well, it's rare it's all on it's own since it's a "body image" and control issue.


Here's a few to start with:

link removed - a "screening" for warning signs

link removed - one support group

link removed - a forum with a specific subforum for family and friends of support.

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