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Maybe I'm looking to deep into the situation

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but I was on facebook yesterday


I was searching people that went to my college,and came accross this very pretty girl


I message her,and 3 hours later she pm me back


I told her about how I thought she was really cute,and asked her did she still go to my college,and she says yes


turns out we go on the same days,I asked her would it be cool for me to get her number or she can call me


but she said,she doesn't want to give her number,until she gets to know me a little better,because she use to have stalker and it scared her pretty bad


after that we pm each other back and forth,and then I stopped,she sent me the last pm,but I never pm her back until this morning


I guess what I'm saying is,do you guys think I have a good chance


I think I'm going to like this girl,cause she seems like she is not trying to rush nothing


krazy thing is she studying to be a therapist,which could be creepy,lol

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