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Dealing with failure

6 Healthy Ways To Cope With Failure
6 Healthy Ways To Cope With Failure

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First of all you have to know that you are the only one, who really cares about your own succes in life. In fact, others often would rather see you fail. Subconsciously, even most people are pleased by your failures. You may be lucky to find a handful of true friends, but otherwise you're the only one who cares about what happens in your life. You need to take personal responsibilty! Accept that you're the only one to make succes happen, that you'll do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals, and don't accept from yourself any excuses for failure.


You need to perceive experience more positively. Especially when it's a negative experience, find a positive connection to make, e.g. rather than "Who is to blame?", ask the positive question "How can I make it better?" A negative outlook expects problems and failure, so that's what you'll see first when you examine the possibilities. A positive outlook expects benefits or solutions and finds them just as easily. Being positive brings success, and we can make ourselves more positive with the right effort.


You will have to use failure to create change towards success, instead of accepting the situation as a permanenet state. In the words of the publisher Malcolm Forbes, "Failure is success if you learn from it." As long as you're learning from it, you'll improve. As long as you improve, failure becomes gradually less likely while the chances of success become much higher.


The fear of failure and the resulting feelings of depression are mostly because of a limited perspective. Wanting instant gratification means that any result other than success is a totally negative experience. By learning to look beyond instant gratification and instead recognize that you can turn failure into something positive, will be a huge leap forward in overcoming your fear of it.


Realizing that setbacks will occur, learning to expect them, and looking for lessons contained in them can do wonders for diminishing both fear of failure and failure itself.


(Some advice from David DeAngelo, dating consultant

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