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well when i told her i liked her I said it like yeah i like you but she thinks it as a friend prob. But she tells me stuff deep and now she all friendy and we still talk but we only talk like once or twice a day but we see echother like ten times a day we just look into each others eyes and walk by. And today she noticed i was stearing toward her and she was not mad but kinda in a humor why but i don't know about her. I'm not desprite because she gets jealous evey time i talk to Crstine her like ex friend she always like be her friend but it like sucking up to her for some reasona nd don't notice me. But she never wants anything more from like were friends.

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From your comments on your body language, it seems likely that she does want more from you than just a friend. However, she may not want to be the person who comes out and initiates it. You are the guy, you are supposed to by the man. Bust a move. What are you waiting for an invitation in an envelope?

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