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How to overcome shyness??

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Hi Everyone I'm a new memeber and I need some advice. I'm in a relationship with this guy and we've been together for about a month... although I am in so way shape or form a shy person I find it hard to talk or show affection towards him at all. He gets upset and complains that he thinks I don't like him the way he likes me because of the way I act. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on how I can become comfortable around this guy before I lose him?

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Hey IAMQUEEN06, it turns out I've been dating this girl for a little while (I posted about her before and I finally got her and I really want to show her more affection than I have, but I'm a shy guy - and she's a shy girl so we're both waiting to find her way.


I'm confident that you wont lose him because I'm in the situation where I know it will happen where things will just feel 'right' someday and sparks will fly if you know what I mean... it's just a question of patience on his part.


Even though you might be a confident person usually situations like this can make us all a little nervous, you'll get more comfortable with time


Good luck! Dan

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Shy? My Gf is a very shy person also, she took abt 1 month to hold hands with me comfortably..... At the beginning of the relationship, i really thinks she don't have feelings for me just trying to try out with me..... When i went after her the taught of she likes me too never cross my mind, but when suddenly i ask her to be in a love relationship, she say yes..... It's kinda un-healthy actually, I always felt 1-sided N wants to leave her but when i ask her whether she really wants to be with me, she very firm with her ans.... so we ended to be still together cos i don wish to hurt her.... But i felt like not being showered with care N love..... It's takes time but don take it too lightly.....

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