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What do I give a friend for a birthday? Some ideas please...

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This is probably the most stupid question ever but I was wondering what to get my girlfriend (not lovers, just a friend that is a girl) for her birthday. I just met her about a month and I don't really know what to give her. She's about 15, what gifts are suitable for her?


Give me some ideas please. I don't know whether I should get her a friendship bracelet or something because she has some very close friends that give her those and I don't expect her to wear a hundred bracelets on her wrist.


Thanks in advance for the ideas.

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Hi there



Well, there's lots you can get her. SHe's 15 right? and only know her for about a month? Okay you could get her a nice scented candle. A nice picture frame..those are favs. A cute photo album. non expensive earings or jewerly in general. Tickets to the movie theater?


Hope i was any help at all



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if you havent known her for that long i would get her something as lilu said like a picture frame maybe with a picture of you and some of her friends, some nice jewellery, maybe a box of chocolates, some music if you know who she likes, or somthing like perfume or bubble baths.


just keep it simple until you know what kind of things she likes

hope this helps

~LJ =;

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