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I know she likes me, but does she REALLY like me?


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Hi everyone,


I'll first start off by saying that I'm a sophomore in college and have recently met a freshman girl who I really like. She's enrolled in my university's Army ROTC, and we have a lot in common. We both like basically the same music, activities, and have an interest in military stuff, although I'm not in ROTC. We met a little more than a week ago online, and after messaging each other online for a while, she asked if I wanted to meet her at a local Army-Navy store. So, I met her there the next day, and we got to talking about her ROTC classes and basic background info about each other. We both like books, so I mentioned to her that I know of a large collection of military books in our university's library. She asked if I would show her, so we then went to the library for a while. After that, we went back to her room, where she dropped off her books, and she asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with her. So we had dinner, and then we parted ways for the night because we both had homework to do.


The first meeting went well, I feel. I could make her laugh and smile without much effort.


During our conversations, I found that we both love the outdoors, including hiking and camping. So, I looked up local parks and asked if she would want to visit one during the weekend. She said yes, so yesterday we went to a local park for the afternoon. We acted like little kids, playing on the playsets and going on the swings. Then we took a walk in the woods and found a place to sit down. We talked about how we should create a fort/shelter and maybe spend a night in it. Although we didn't build one, we plan on it in the future (she happily told her roommate "We're gonna make a fort!"). While we were sitting down, she took my camera and took a picture of me and a picture of both of us together.


Now this coming weekend, she's gonna give me some piano lessons.


I know this all sounds good--we have similar interests, I can make her laugh and smile--but I'm not convinced that she REALLY likes me (I mean better than just a friend). We send comments to each other online usually once a day. A few times, she initiated the conversation by asking me what's up. But however, here's the kicker...in her online journals, I get a sense that she might be in a relationship, but she never says so. The mood of these journals is grim though, and she says she feels crappy (not the exact word...some profanity is used in them). So if she is in a relationship, it doesn't seem to be going good at all. While we were together, she hasn't said that she's in a relationship.


I really like her, but I haven't explicitly said so yet. Should I, or is it too early for that? And how often do you think there should be contact between me and her? We have each other's cell numbers, as well as online contact info. I feel that I'm being too caught up in the details and now, but I really like for to be my girlfriend.


So, what do you guys think of all this?

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It sounds like she's really into you too. I would just ask her at some point if she is seeing someone -- you don't want to be the 'other guy.'


I don't think you have to come out and tell her how much you like her -- actions and jestures speak louder than words.

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To me all I see are "friend activities". She may have interest in you but it is not certain because of her actions. Her actions have not crossed over from "friend" to "potential girlfriend". Now, if she had kissed you or something like that... THEN you could say she is interested.


You've gone out with her enough. It's time to make a move. Do it right away before you friendzone yourself.

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