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Is it time to give up?


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First off, I'm new to this, so please forgive me for any mistakes.


I have been single for just under two years, and moved from the UK to Bermuda following my last break-up (extreme, but totally worth it). I arrived in Bermuda nearly a year ago and was instantly attracted to a work colleague. We get on really well and I like him a lot. He shows interest every day, but has never asked me out. When I drunkenly expressed my feelings about 8 months ago he turned very cold and we hardly spoke for a couple of months. His friend said it's because we work together and he won't date colleagues. He gets possesive and jealous if other guys show an interest or I go out without him, not agrressively, but makes comments, this weekend it was "so are you going to get all dolled up for tonight then" in a pretty snide way, as if I was doing something wrong by going out without him. (We do normally go out together, with other friends).


Then a couple of months ago he announced he was moving back to Australia. I was absolutely devastated, especially as we've got a lot closer again (I guess the work issue is out of the way for him). We see eachother practically everyday (at work and on the weekends).] But I don't want to get involved with someone who is going to leave and end up hurt all over again. This weekend he has started saying he's having second thoughts about leaving. But I asked him out again (sober this time) and his reply was "maybe", then neither he nor I persued it. I didn't want to freak him out by demanding a staight answer, but I think I deserve a better response than that. He's a great guy and I adore him, but if he really liked me wouldn't he just ask me out already?! To make things worse a guy he knows did ask me on a date and I agreed to go (he's a nice guy and I thought I'd be stupid to say no when the Australian won't commit). I'm worried that it will put him off asking me if he finds out I'm dating someone else. Sorry this is soooo long! Any thoughts? Should I keep on trying, or give it up as a lost cause?](*,)

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hi there and welcome!


you seemed to gloss over the parts where he was nice to you... it seems like he


1. turned you down

2. gets jealous and makes nasty comments

3. now you hang out every day and he's moving back to Oz?


did you actually date?


Regardless he sounds like a tosser, someone who lies you wouldn't make excuses and snide comments like that!

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Thanks for the Welcome!


Ouch, well now you put it like that...


No, we've never actually dated, we just hang out a lot - but not just the two of us, we kind of 'double date' with another couple. We chat by e-mail/IM and have lunch together most days. He normally makes the effort to arrange to see me (with the others) at weekends. But never on a proper date.


He been spending more time with me since a new guy started and I was hanging around with the new guy a bit. Maybe it's a case of don't want her, don't want anyone else to have her?

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