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Not sure?? need guys help

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I'm really confused about a friend of mine. We have been frineds for a long time, well about a month ago (new years eve) he gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and about a week or so after that we made out. We were talking and everything was fine, but then he said he felt guilty, coz he is with someone else. I told him that was fine coz I don't want to ruin our friendship or his relationship with this girl. I like him but friendship is more important to me. Well anyway, since then we still "flirt" with each other and he sort of keeps me posted on where he is going and things like that. Earlier this week we were talking on-line and I told him I had to get up really early in the morning, well the next morning he texted me and said good morning baby, are you awake. He was being nice. My question is does he like me more than a friend or just being nice to a friend? Don't know how guys act when it comes to a friend who is a girl. Guys opinions would be great!!!

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He is definetly interested in you. No doubt. I personally would never send a text message like that unless I was thinking about a girl like 24/7. Seems like a good guy. Yeah take into consideration that he is "with" that other girl.


Be mindful and wait till he makes his move rather than making your move or else a cat fight could be in your future.


Another very important thing is, watch to see his actions, because if he is cheating on his current girlfriend, then what happens if you and him start dating? What holds him back from cheating on you? keep that in mind.


For Another

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Hey, wild_flower,


He definitely likes you. I was sorta in the same situation a little while ago and I did similar things to hint that I liked this girl. If you want to kno, the best way is to just ask him. The girl that I liked asked me if I did and even though I told her i did, our friendship wasnt ruined or anything. I agree with ForAnother in that you should wait till he and the other girl are over or else there could be a HUGE problem. I also would be careful of his tendencies to cheat. This may be because he REALLY likes you more than his GF but he could also be a untrustworthy person. I hope this was of some help.

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