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Advice needed.........

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First I have to accept that the person who went through whatever it was is me. If the situation I was in were under my control then I must accept that it was my choice to be in it.


Then I have to forgive myself for doing that to myself. It was a mistake and I was wrong.


Next I decide how I want to handle similar situations in the future.


Then I let go of it and start over from the only place I can, right here right now.

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A number of things can help, counseling, self help books, meditation, etc


But the biggest thing is to be able to first accept what happened in your past that has caused all these problems. I know it is a very hard first step and sometimes it appears that you have accepted it when in fact you are still thinking about it, blaming it, over analyzing it... which all results in not truly accepting it after all.


Love yourself for who you are today. You can't change the past, it's done and over, but you have a whole future that you have control of, that you can make changes in the problems in your life.

Have faith GraceLove, you can gain everything you listed that you have lost back.

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