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All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
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(This one is from a few years ago. I am dedicating it to everyone who is suffering the loss of a love, and most especially to a few dear ones here who have lost their perfect soulmates. You guys know who you are.)





Thorns without the rose

Swan Lake without toes,

ladders without the rungs

breathing without lungs,

alphabet soup without abc’s

kneeling prayer without knees,

popsicles without the sticks

mortar without the bricks,

candles without wicks

bras without chicks,

music played without notes

dreams dreamed by rote,

pillow without a bed

stairs without treads,

trees with no trunk

basketball without the dunk,

chessboard without squares

waltzes without pairs,

celery without the stalk

blackboards without chalk,

sky without the blue

living life without you.

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Thank you, all...your words have really touched me, and made this all worth posting.


I was a little worried it might seem....cheesy....as it's not my usual style and rhyming is not easy for me. But this one didn't make it feel hard, and that's I guess when you know it's coming straight from the source...


And CC, what a matchless compliment that you would print it out!! What a stone HONOR! Thank you, sweet lady, for making me feel pretty great.


All of you.

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