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isnt this a LOOSE LOOSE situation?

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hey everyone.

just a question of opinion.


what has more meaning, an answer that is done through impulse or one that is made after a period of thinking?


i mean whats the fors and againsts for each?

i always believed that to reply through impulse would be obviously a judgement, but your heart felt opinion. however, you didnt think about your asnwer!


and with consideration and thinking, isnt it weird that it takes you so long to answer, i know then the reply would be accurate and you would mean what you say, but in some predicaments doesnt it depthens the severity of the situation?


is there a win or loose? how do you answer a question or reply in deffence, or anything if the way we do this can be judged?


it just puzzled me only everything seems to be analysed so much at the minute.


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It doesn't matter. The point of a forum is to share. If you are passing judgement, then you are not sharing. Be honest, even if that means you say something stupid. Because you will learn. And learning about others and, hopefully, yourself is what makes a forum work.


Certainly don't stress about it. If you are, then you should definitely say the first opinion that hits you and submit it, just to make some mistakes. Mistakes make you learn. You will get people correcting you(like your spelling for one thing ); but the people that are nice and are here to truly share will see that same quality in your posts. They will support your growth, even if it means disagreeing with your opinion.


Just be considerate. And forums shouldn't be taken too seriously, by nature. It's just talk. Many people have just as many reasons for coming here. Just be yourself and be open to making an occasional bad statement and getting disagreements.

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i didnt mean on a forum, i do state my own opinion despite others, because thats what mine is, my own opinion, too right people can change my opinion or pick me up on it because thats what i want, i mean i think thats all within the learning process, i love debates, different opinions etc.


i actually meant within real life situation when someone straight up asks a question or brings up a dilemma. but thanks to the both of you i know what you mean, and ill deffinitley take it into consideration.


as for the whole spelling, each country spells things differently like colour to color, its simple differences and it helps people to understand where there from and how they speak, it gives back ground. so i wouldnt pick people up on spelling.



thanks you two *smiles*

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