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To start the new year, i was gonna leave my ex in the past. Two days after new year, i guess she realized i didn't call her, she called. I thought that the call was genuine and nice, but it only led to me calling and getting no return. So i knew it was the same games being played.


I called again a few weeks later and the same thing occurs, so now i know i shouldve left her in 03. Anyway I'm not mad, but i have to stop these people and their evil. I changed my phone #'s and sent her a last email, not to bash her, but actually just being honest saying that i have to move on.


She's always had access to me to play these games, now she doesn't. Did i play my cards right?

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Make that three - you've done what you needed to to protect yourself and take yourself out of the combat zone so you can really start to move on. There's no reason whatsoever to feel badly about that, and if she's ever THAT desperate to get in touch, it's not like she doesn't know people you know, she'd just have to swallow her pride to find out. But it'll make you inconvenient enough the games should cease and you can get one with healing and making more of your life without getting dragged back to an emotional place you don't want to be.

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