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There's Something Inside Me

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My supervisor and I had an argument and after some help with 2 other people, the situation was cleared. She wanted me to stop bothering and contacting her, and so I did, for both of our sake. I just went on and treat her as just one of my ordinary co-workers, co-workers who I don't talk to or rarely talk to.




A month has passed. It seems that she has a problem with it. But, I ignored whatever her issue is. To me, being close to her as I am with my other co-workers and supervisors would pose problems; she might think that I still like her even though I don't anymore, problems would start again. That's how our argument started in the first place; I don't know how to treat her, everything I did was wrong.


Moving along, in between that one month, I had taken a liking on some other girls (outside and inside of work), but there's this one person who stands out. She also works in the place we (my supervisor and I) work,

the only difference is, she's not in the management. I had thought of the possibility of us in a relationship, but I never asked her. Why?


She works in the same place where we all work?

It might pose another issue with my supervisor?


To me, it's not a big deal, if there's going to be a problem, then there's going to be a problem and I'll fight for us. Here's why:


When I thought of us (me and my co-worker) in a relationship, something inside me was holding me back, I don't know what. All of a sudden, memories of the past (good times between my supervisor and I) began flashing back. I know that deep inside me, the good times between my supervisor and I was over and it will never come back again. I mean, I have more chances of being involve in a car accident than being back with her again, even if it's just strictly friendship.


So what do you think was happening to me? Could it be that I haven't completely let go of my supervisor? Am I afraid to be hurt again? Please help.

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Hey setsuko1981,


Sounds like you still have feelings for you Suporvisor. Once in a while I have flashbacks from when my ex and I were happy. These are very painful because it is a reminder of the past. I think you might want to wait for a while before you do anymore damage at your job. I personally don't poop where I eat. In other words, it is not a safe bet to date people where you work because if it doesn't work out. Well then, you are in another predicament like you have with your supervisor. If this girl stands out that much then I would consider getting another job because your ex is probally not going to like you dating another employee.

What I am saying is to think before you act.


Good luck and I hope this helps,



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