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Just me ranting about some issues.

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Ok here's the thing, I'm 27 have my own place, decent car, decent job, and I'm athletically built standing 5'10" and about 225lbs. I'm not a cheater or a wild party animal, nor am I a lier or a stern * * * * * * * . I go out of my way to please my girlfriend and I'm sensitive to her needs to the point that she really doesn't have to tell me anything. I have a general idea of what women like as should most men who have dated more than 20 women in his time(that wasn't me bragging). My girlfriend isn't the same story; she's incredibly spoiled and from the looks of it has no understanding the needs of a man. If you look at a "top 10 things women do that men hate" list, 8 of 10 things on the list she does. I have no idea how in this day and age women can not understand how to properly maintain a realationship with a decent man. She says that "I'm her sense of sanity" in an insanse world, but that is because I know how to be that for this woman. She is very sweet and very outgoing, don't get me wrong, but it seems that lately as my life has gotten a little more hectic, she has been puttin undue pressure on me with talk of spending money, that I don't have. These days most of us are struggling to put gas in the tank and food on the table, forget about going on trips and taking vacations. Sometimes I feel that she doesn't get that I'm not having the most care free time living my life and that there are things that really concern me, hell, they scare me. Now she no longer tries to maintian her appearance, almost as if she doesn't realize that I'm a visual creature. Sometimes I wonder does she even realize that I'm a man, my own man, not some cardboard cut out or some television image. I've spoken to her about my feelings and she agrees that she has been unaware of my true needs and really hasn't taken into consideration how her action could negatively affect me. I'm almost ready to call it a wrap, she claims that she going to make changes but part of me is thinking how the the hell do you change the person that you are? Should a person even consider changing themselves? Is is even worth giving a chance or are the differences between us to vast to overcome? I've told her that I really need time to be alone and just think for a minute and in the two days since then she has text me both days. Today I had to text her and tell her "If she just gave me some time we can talk about whatever". These are just some of the things that make me wonder is she just doesn't get it. I hate feeling like this, like I'm that damn complex or difficult that women just can't figure me out, maybe it's that I choose women who don't really have a clue. Either way I've said I would give it a shot and that I will, I don't expect much, but hey I may find myself surprised in the near futre.

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