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Good friends or what?


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Okay, I want this girl right, but Ive never talked to her only seen her I have perfect oppurtunity to talk to her every day im just to shy.. But if I do talk to her should I try to become REALLY good friends with her or just ya know acuintenses before I ask her out? Oh spelling is because im tired and dislexic

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If she seems to be somewhat interested in you, than i'd say go for it. If you catch her looking at you (in a nice way, not a disgusted way) or even if she comes up to you once in a while and says hi, then she probably has some interest in you. If you dont even kno if she knows you exist (i'm guessing she does but...) then you should talk with her and become friends. You dont have to be too close of friends, and i think it's better if you dont. You dont want to become really good friends and ruin a friendship after your relationship. Good luck with this. I hope this helped.

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