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Bloating on b-control pills?


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I don't know if it's because of my pills (I haven't really had any side affects) Or something else, because I've gotten this way on occasion before I even was on b-control.


I went to the gym, and I was drinking lots of water. I was in the mood for juice and I drank some apple juice and all of a sudden my stomach just balooned. My diaphram got bigger because of the juice?


And when I jump up and down I can hear all of this sloshing around.


Has this happened to anyone else? Or am I just crazy...

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I'm almost done with the 3rd month of my pills.


I was on the shot for 10 months.


I was having a horrible problem with not enough fiber, and I had to get an enima and everything. 2 of them. But I havent had that problem in about a month.


Today I actually went about 3-4 times.


I rarely ever drink juice either. And it was like only a juice box!

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