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God Damned Journalists

FIRST EXPERIENCES OF ITALY (we were almost robbed)

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Hi all


I have come accross some certain things reported by the media that blew me away after being told about them in closer detail by people who actually dealt with them.


For example, there are several places in Italy that always appear to be big on TV (such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa) when they are actually much smaller. At other times, the media either patronises the better aspects (such as the people - I found out that, as in every other society, there are good and bad people (and those you're not so sure what to call). Or overexaggerates the worst parts of it...like quite a few financial financial and political journalists saying that Italy is on the verge of bankruptcy when, according to other objective sources (try typing in "Enough Italy Bashing" on the Net), it's not even close to it. So, now I look at travel journalists such as those in Globe Trekker with total and angry disregard! I'm sure they won't like it if I did the same for their homelands, mainly the US and the UK!


I also found the media in where I live to be equally repugnant. For example, almost every day in the local paper and television, the State Premier was seen as someone who is always in the right or someone who is ought to be feared. Yet, during a hospital funding gathering, he came along with the boss of my Honours supervisor's research unit. And, unlike the boss, the Premier looked weak and had something to hide. His face looked like he did not want to be there! And I was seeing it from one foot away with MY OWN EYES - definitely not as powerful or righteous as the media makes him to be.


I could go on with other things in reality that AT LEAST SOME (likely to be many) journalists distort things to suit themselves and/or their editors/chiefs of staff, but I'd be wasting precious time.



I'd like to ask anyone who is in journalism or who knows someone in journalism on whether such distortion is common practice (and why does it have to happen)? And wouldn't it be agreed that it goes against what journalism is meant to be to the point of total immorality?



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Maybe journalism was once meant to inform and educate, but these days the point is to sell newspapers and opinions.




Wasn't a journalist, but worked in the media for most of my adult life.


A big red flag that my (former) industry (radio) changed (and not for the better) was when the CEO of a company I used to work for proclaimed that we were not in the business of information and entertainment...we were in the business of selling our advertiser's products.

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