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Loves Lost.


Loves can grow

and some will fade

against the curve

along the grain


I will pull

myself from death

I will long

to be myself


I wont be your mattress

to lie on, lay on, ignore

I wont be your heart

cold, tore, and bored


I'm not your perfect world

I've got flaws like every man

But appreciate the human spirit

that lies inside us men


I wont change for anyone

not anymore, for you

Appreciate me for who I am

or I will forget about you.

oh wait, who are you?







My love for you is like a spring

a flower without a weed

it grows and grows

so beautiful

ever blossoming


Eternal is the sunshine

that I see over your face

the way your eyes they sparkle

as I see the clouds fade


The sun begins to dry your petals

so beautiful they fall

but what happens when their all gone

your nothing at all, your nothing at all.

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