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Does Gravity really affect the outcome?


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Ok, the other night i was checking out some things and apparently the same time of my ovulation and my being with the boyfriend matched, sooo we had a nice long talk. Now, just to make things clear i have no idea if i'm prego or not but we kinda knew the chance was there before we did anything. My bf loves me as i do him and we're financially stable right now if it did happen to be. Ok now to the gravity part since thats the reason you're reading. In our talk we discussed how big the chances are. When i was still in school i was taught that it didn't matter what position, if he's in there and ejaculates, then you're chances of getting prego are pretty high considering if it's your time of ovulation which is a short span of time anyway. He, however, thinks that if the woman is on top that gravity takes affect and theres less chance of getting pregnant. We've been together intimately for quite awhile and i'm not pregnant yet which also worries me that there may be something wrong with one of us because i know theres other times when it's been a close call too. We're not actually trying, but would still enjoy a little one running around if it were to be. Any thoughts?

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hmm, I cant say Yes (or) No, *because i don't know*



Hypothesis here: I don't think it has anything to do with The laws Of Gravity...If that was the case than you could argue that Centrifugal, and Centripetal Forces can stop a girl from getting pregnant, see how unconfirmed that sounds...?


But I have heard of this:


Girls who didn't want to get pregnant, they started to do jumping jacks after sex, to Push the sperm Downward...i can only picture that, and I'm laughing now just thinking about it. in your case. like i said, I'm not sure, but i highly doubt it, if I'm wrong someone please give me the scientific study. It would be rather interesting to learn that it was a fact.

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Gravity does not matter. The sperm swim up through the bodily fluids regardless of the position you are in. And quite frankly sperm are pretty stupid so they all swim in every direction just in case.


lil_unique_me is right - all that stuff is old wives tales.

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Thats what i thought, but thanks for the reasurrance guys. As an update i am not pregnant. But that still leaves the possibility of something being wrong. I haven't went to the doctor and had the "womanly" exams done but i'm thinkin it might be a good idea just to make sure everythings the way it's supposed to be. Thanks again for your answers!

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i am in the same postion except that me and bf only see each other on weekends and sometimes during the week but not often...we have unprotected sex but he doesnt cum in me...but the precum is a factor

once this mth he came inside me but thats all.....weve been doing this for like 4mths and nothing has happened

do u guys just think its cause we arent together during ovulation period or that hes sterile

i have a son so i know im ok


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well.. the weekends is the only time i get to see my bf too because i work during the week and we live a little over an hour apart. We've also had unprotected sex for the past 8 months. I know theres been times where it's been close to my ovulation time but i'm still not pregnant. I think when it comes to us being only to see the guy on the weekends that time wise is a main factor. Since you've already had a child and know you're capable of having one, it may just be the timing or there may be some other factor with the guy. This is what worries me about my situation, but i'm trying to tell myself that if it's meant to be it'll happen and if not there's always adopting a child that needs a loving home.

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ya i think its just the timing

does ur bf um inside u or just withdraws

my bf cumes alot more than any guy i have ever been with....does this mena there more fertile if they are not sterile?

ive been having preg symptoms but they could be just cause im worrying about it

i took a preg test today and was neg but my periods not due till 15..sunday

so i guess i should have waited...but u know what its like lol

keep me updated


see ya later

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Yes i definitely do. And i'm guilty of taking pregnancy tests before my period starts, but you really should wait until you're late. I'm just an impatient person hoping to fool the test but i know that won't happen. I started my period yesterday after being late 4 days which is unusual for me since i'm on a pretty regular cycle. I had headache, felt a little sick, and other symptoms, but i'm guessing it was just my nerves. Another thing is that some women get so caught up in wanting to be pregnant they go through denial if they're not and the symptoms aren't there or are there but caused by other things. Like for me it was most likely a cause of stress because i knew there was a possibility since we had intercourse around the time i was supposed to ovulate. And i feel weird admitting, but we've only used protection the first time we were together and ever since then he's always stayed in. You might want to wait till the 15th to take another test or even a couple days after that just to make sure that if you are, the test can pick up the hormone hCG.

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hi....well last friday i had that sringy clear gooey discharge...i think that means im ovualting

anyways we did the withdrawl thing frid sat and sunday and sunday he came inside of me

i dont no y i would ovualte like a 1.5 wks before my period

anywas my boobs are alot darker today...maybe just the period coming????

anywas ill keep u updated

get back to me if u want


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