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I like this boy, he knows...

If He Likes You He'll Do This -...
If He Likes You He'll Do This - Harsh Truth

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I like this kid.

and he knows..

and i'm not sure if he likes me or not,

all my friends think he does.. but i don't, maybe its because i have very little self confidence..

but, i'll tell you what he does to me and you guys can tell me if he likes me or not.


- when i was absent he asked my friends where i was that day.

- he always looks at me and stares at me.

- he talked to me a few times, and asks me stupid questions when hes by me like "did we have homework?"

- he knows i like him, and all his friends ask my friends if i like him.

- he sometimes talks to me, but sometimes he doesn't.

- he tells his friends about me, because they know we have talked before so he obviously told them.




i don't know, its so confusing! please help.


i think i'm forgetting some things toooo. so i'll try to remember.

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