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I just can't get over it. How did this happen?


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My boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago and I can't seem to get over it. It's lingering in my mind every day, even though it's been nearly a month. It wasn't a long relationship, only a few months, but I just feel like he didn't give it a shot. I feel like it would have worked out between us with time and that he overthought the situation and acted too quickly. He had told me that he just saw me as a friend--that I was great, that we had so much in common and that he loved spending time with me, but he didn't think we knew each other well enough to be "doing the things we were doing". He said he felt like there was a wall up between us, communication wise, that we never spoke about important or serious issues, that it didn't seem like we were able to openly talk. That he felt like he should know more about me, but he didn't know what he wanted to know. He wanted to stay friends, still talk and hang out, and get to know each other better. That something may happen between us in the future.


I was just completely blindsided. In the beginning of the relationship, he was just so eager and excited! The boy acted head over heels for me, it was dead obvious. How did this happen? How did he change his mind? He would literally just spew with how happy he was when we hung out, when we talked, how he missed me, how much he liked me, how attractive he thought I was, how we had SO much in common, how he felt like he could be himself around me, how he thought I was funny, how he liked the way I made him feel, how he didn't want to be with *anyone else*. Unless he was lying... how do you just change your mind about all that??? Literally, he was just so upbeat and positive about us, it had seemed to being going great. How does he just "see me as a friend"??? UGH! I am so frustrated.


I don't think he was lying to me, I don't think he knows what he wants. He's not a "player" type. Honestly, he's kind of a nerdy little guy with glasses whose only been in 1 serious relationship a year ago...and he's 25. So he has very little experience with women. How could this guy rather sit at home alone(which he does daily) and play warcraft than be with me? How did he change his mind from being completely smitten with me to "seeing me as a friend"? We've talked a lot online since the break up, he messages me first most of the time, asks me how my day was, how I'm doing, we talk about random things. He's always nice and upbeat with me, calls me by his little nick name he gave me(it's cute), ... is there any chance of him changing his mind? Or am I just being silly and not taking the hint...


And just so you know, I've left him alone for the most part. I don't usually message him or contact him unless he's contacted me first. I've been very positive and upbeat myself---"friendly". Please give me advice...

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