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Ok, i met this girl at a show my band played. She gave me her number and said we should hang out sometime. So i called her one day and went over to her house and was there all day long. We talked a lot and got to know each other and watched a movie. Then when i was going to leave she asked if i was going to leave without even hugging her so we hugged and i went home. I've been over to her house 2 other times now and the same thing usually happens, we just watch a movie and hug at the end of the night. She's made many hints that she wants me to kiss her i think. She has told me that i'm hot and cute and all that and said that her mom asked how it was kissing me. She told her that she'd have to get back to her on that. The problem is i havent really been in a situation like this for almost a whole year, i've just forgot how to make a move. We dont even really get that close when we lay on the bed and watch a movie. I'm pretty sure she wants to but i dont really know how to get closer to the point that we can kiss. I dont want to just jump over to her and start kissing her. How should i do it? Also since i've been with my last girlfriend i've gotten my lip pierced and i fear i wont be able to kiss well with it. Does anyone have any tips on how to kiss with a lip ring?

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Well next time your watching a movie and lying on the bed why don't you try play fighting with her, wrestling. Try joking around with her first and say how she couldn't wrestle shes just a girl and she wouldn't have a chance. Hopefully she would be like oh ya and try to push you or something. So play around and when its the right moment and your looking into eachothers eyes, lay one on her. That way its not this hugely awkward moment like at the end of the night, its more of a natural kiss.

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