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If you've been married more than 10 years...please post.


10+ years of marriage...you still having sex frequently?  

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  1. 1. 10+ years of marriage...you still having sex frequently?

    • Yep, still going at it like rabbits.
    • Yes it's definitely still there, but just not very often.
    • Not much of a sex life...only occasionally when they are in the mood.
    • Sex? Been so long I don't even remember what that is.

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I'd like to get some frank and honest insight to those that have been married 10 years or more and what their sex lives are like. I keep hearing from people that have been married around me that their sex life is at or around zero these days. I know of a few that still seem like they are going at it like rabbits. I'm curious to get insight from those that are actually in that boat. The more honest, the better(even if that means having to be honest with yourself).


Also...if you respond. Can you tell me how much time you spend with that person? Do you guys see eachother everyday or do you see eachother only occasionally due to military/job travel, etc? Thanks a lot!

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15 years married. The sex is far better now than ever before. We talk, communicate and understand each other's desires so much better. We are more adventurous now, more open, more willing.


We have better quality sex now than ever before. Actually we probably end up having sex more now as well.


Dont believe all the horror stories...

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Sex in the marriage will be as much or as little as you want it. When I got married I said there is no way I'll let it go down hill and so far nothings changed. Its a personal choice to get lazy about it...


Depends on your drive aswell, those still going at it like rabbits probably already had a pretty strong one.

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When we were able to...kid at someone's house, during school hours....it was amazing!

Sometimes a quicky, sometimes long, langorous hours of lovemaking.

We had gone through a drought for awhile, but it peaked again, and made it even more special.

"Betcha the neigbors are gonna call!" LOL!

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