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What is going on??? HELP ME!!!


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Well a week or so ago, I had all these signs of pregnacy, Like peeing more than usuall,back aches, queziness, I got my period right on time but it hit me like a truck, I woke up with these killer cramps, worse than usual, and most of the times I don't get cramps, but anyway it was pretty heavy for 2 days, then light for two days. (usually they last a few days, and are mostly light periods) Can it be a miscarriage, and Me and my boyfriend had sex during what I thought was my period, should I still take a pg. test or is it all just normal. ](*,)

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You should probably go see a doctor, and if you can't afford one there is always some kind of help out there like planned parent hood. I can tell you that your body will react to what your mind is saying. I have heard of young girls who wanted to get pregnant so bad that their bodies tricked them into thinking they were, sometime they would even lactate. It might sound crazy but its true. You can get pregnant when you are on your period, and you can have your period for a while when you are pregnant. Best advice is see a doctor as soon as possible.

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I know that when you have pms your body gives off some symptoms as if you were pregnant. The only time you can get pregnant is when you are ovulating which is what your body goes through before you have your period. Ovulating is the egg going through the falopian tube and into the uterius. You cannot get pregnant while you are on your period. Your period is the egg leaving your body. You need the egg to get pregnant. There are lots of websites that will tell you about your period, you should check them out. People can give you advice but they are not doctors if you want advice and you don't want to go to a doctor then check out a website, they will have better information.

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