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Wondering What To Do

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Hello everyone! I have a problem and need some advice. A friend of mine, which I have known for a while now, wants more than a friendship. We haven't been that close of friends until recently. Before if we saw each other we would speak and hang out, but that was about it. Now, we have been spending a lot of time together and he really seems to like me. The problem is he has a reputation for being a love em and leave em type of guy. I don't know how serious he is about me, but he calls me and does basically anything I tell him to do. I like him, he's got a great personality, and he's so funny and fun to be around. This past weekend we went out to a club and we both had a little to much to drink and I went home with him, and we slept together. The next day he was sweet and trying to kiss me and cuddle and stuff, but I was pushing him away. I didn't regret what I did, but I told him we crossed a line that friends should never cross. He said that he knew I was scared (because of his reputataion) but that I was special. He has called since and I talk to him like I always did like nothing ever happened, because I'm not sure I want it to go any further than what it already has. I guess my question is should I give him the benifit of the doubt and give him a chance, or should I leave it as is (friends). I've been hurt before and don't want to be hurt again, and I don't want to loose his friendship. What should I do?

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Well about being scared of being hurt again= you gotta take that chance to find that "special person" I was hurt so many time's right when I stopped trying to look (cuz of really bad guys) then bamb I found someone I never thought I'd be with, I put what other people said aside and took it slow, It's up to YOU how that person is in your eyes, It doesn't matter what his "reputation" is cuz half of that kinda crap is made up. You know. I would say go for what your Heart tells you, You might miss out on someone really really special, but in order to find out you gotta love like it's never gonna hurt, If it's meant to be you'll now, but life isn't easy, you gotta make it how you want it, I hope what I said made since and I hope it helps.

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I think you should give him the benifit of the doubt. I remember with one of my exs he was the same way, love em leave em. But I was different to him. I didn't give in to him right away and we had built a friendship and he got to know me as a person. I ended up being his first love and we were together for over a year.

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