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Cool message from a friend


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I went out last night with the "usual suspects." LOL! 4 women, none datable, just buddies. Halfway through the night, some good country swing music going on. One of these ladies lamented not knowing how to swing dance, or 2 step. We hit the floor...she was a natural...she's petite, so I convinced her to do a skirt sweeper...when you toss your partner over your back, back to back, and actually spin them around mid-air, so they are facing you when they land.

She did it first time...

Tonight I got home to a message on the machine..." The most fun I've had in 4-ever...we'll always be friends, nothing more, but thanks for the night of my life!"

SOOO Cool!

Life goes on!

There's hope.

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Yeah, one of those spontaneuos moments when everything falls into place. Nothing like lovin' from 4 women,,,LOL! We're all just friends.

Even got a standing ovation from all the patrons! I'm still doing this at 54? LOL!

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