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Women respond to emotion?


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You can find out how to tell if she fits into your soul mate type at soul-mate-finds-you which explains that out of four personalities, two pairs always marry for long term relationships. Dating the wrong type makes "connecting" very hard, the right type makes it easy, natural.

Next, you have to reduce your anxieties with the patting method described because that will make you more confident - in seconds usually. Your fears, worries, doubts and anxiety all make you tight. When you let go of them with the patting method you become very relaxed and confident which is always attractive in itself.

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But the pickup artist say they respond to emotion


Oh gawd... dude, how old are you?


Yes you can use emotional manipulation to get what you want, most girls I've met aren't as aware as Vic (mind you, they've also been teenagers...), but should you?


Hell no.


I'm not a subscriber to the school of picking up girls for sex then leaving them with a whole world of hurt, it's not ok, and as naive as it sounds, I think it's... mean. Yeah, that's right, mean.


It's selfish to fake emotional connections and then rip them away once you've gotten what you want.


I don't think too many people on here will give you advice on how to screw girls over.

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I am... wow...


I don't doubt the method works, but I seriously doubt you have the finesse to effectively put it into action.


Using seduction techniques requires the same skillset as that of a successful conman.


Confidence, ability to fast-talk, and ability to cold-read...


Unless you want to make a full-time gig out of studying the art of seduction, forget it.


*EDIT* Mind you, what yuo're talking about has not a lot to do with emotion, like Vic said, it's a playa's guide... While it's not as cruel as preying on emotional vulnerability, it's - like people have said - easy to spot (hence why it's not as cruel) *EDIT*

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There's a very simple way to do this, though.


Just ask:


"What is something you're really passionate about in life?"


When she says something like "snowboarding" or "reading," ask, "What do you like most about that?" or "Can you describe your most memorable experience while snowboarding?" etc.


This way, she searches her memory to retrieve her experience. She relives the experience by describing it to you.


Emotions are exciting. Facts are not. When speaking with a woman, always try to deal with emotions rather than facts.


After she is comfortable with you, you can ask questions like "Have you ever had an experience, where when a person walks into the room, for some reason, you become strangely attracted to him. You can't take your eyes off him. Or rather, you pretend not to look at him, but you keep sneaking looks at him whenever you can. Maybe you're even a bit scared that he knows you're looking at him..." etc.


Then whatever her answer, you can share some emotions about yourself. Or further guide and direct her emotions.

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